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Institutional Research


Mission, Objectives, Scope and Audiences

Our Mission

    To collect, synthesize, and analyze institutional data to fulfill mandatory reporting requirements and support University decision-making.

Our Objectives

    To offer accurate, timely, and digestible research, tailored to diverse audiences, with the goal of promoting informed decision-making and furthering the core missions of the University.

Our Scope

  • Primary source for major University facts and figures; required reporting
      Examples: University Fact Book,Government Reporting, USNews and other public relations data requests, ~750 ad hoc requests per year
  • Research, data collection, and statistical analysis on questions of interest
      Examples: Faculty Climate Survey, Faculty Development & Diversity Projects, Student Writing Improvement Study, Teaching Effectiveness Analyses, International Student Admission and Enrollment Study
  • Support for key University-wide committees
      Examples: Arts Task Force, Public Service Committee, Academic Planning Committee, Social Science Planning Committee
  • Systems analysis and information-sharing partnerships within Harvard and among peer institutions
      Examples: IR community building, Faculty of Arts & Sciences data and survey committees, COFHE, AAUDE, IPEDS Race/Ethnicity
  • Planning and policy analysis; evidence-based recommendations
      Examples: Memos to Governing Boards (e.g., Tuition Enrollment & Financial Aid), Accreditation, Growth Analyses, Modeling and Benchmarking Memos, Literature Reviews

Our Audiences

    At Harvard
  • University Leadership in the Office of the President and Provost
  • The Governing Boards
  • Senior Leadership in the Schools
  • Others, on a request-by-request basis

  • Outside Harvard
  • Government Agencies
  • Media
  • Public at Large